12 responses to “Antique Leather Wedding Guest Book”

  1. Cindy Hollenbeck

    I am wanting more info on ordering a vintage wedding guest book.. How much? How long will it take? Can I personalise it?

  2. Jade Riordan

    Hi Megan
    I would love some more info on the antique wedding guest book if possible.
    Kind regards,

  3. Kristina

    Hi Megan,
    This is absolutely gorgeous! Would you be able to provide me some more info on this product, if you are still making them?

    Thank you!

  4. Angela Page

    A friend of mine is having a 40’s style wedding. This style wedding guest book might be the ticket. Can you send me more info? She is having the guests take pollard pictures of them selves, could that be incorporated in the guest book?

  5. Kayla

    Would I be able to get some more information about this cute book

  6. Kady Ermisch

    I would love more information regarding this guest book, this is exactly what im looking for for our vintage themed wedding!!

  7. Lindsay Warwick

    Hello is this still something you do?

  8. Megan Winkel

    Would you be able to make another one? I am interested in this for my wedding? able to personalize it?

  9. Stephanie Criner

    I love this! I am interested in it for my wedding. How much would this exact one be?

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