8 responses to “Antique Leather Wedding Guest Book”

  1. Angie Scott

    My fiance and I really love this book. We are wondering what one like this would cost? If you could email me and let me know, I would appreciate it. Thanks!!

  2. Sarah Pals

    I would also like to know the cost of this?!

  3. Virginia

    What guest books do you have available for purchasing? My fiancé and I are having a rustic vintage wedding and are looking for something antique, simple yet elegant.

  4. Nicola

    Please could you email me some prices / options that are similar to this? I love it :)

  5. Katelynn Barrett

    Could you please email me some prices & options that are very similar to this book? My fiance and I fell in love with it immediately!

    Thank you,

  6. Ashlee Benson

    I would love a wedding guest book like this. I understand that this one is sold but i am interested in getting an idea of price emailed to me for our wedding next year :)
    Thank you

  7. Teresa Romano

    This book would be perfect for my daughter’s wedding! So sad it isn’t for sale. I have looked at your site and don’t see anything that resembles it, but perhaps you have something I can’t find? They both love maps and Victorian florals would work as well.

    Any ideas appreciated!

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