The story behind the books

Working_hands_bw_kjpAbout our Books: honor timeworn book binding methods while adding a unique and modern approach to each design.  Each of my books is handcrafted using (mainly) reclaimed leather, archival papers, a needle, and linen thread.

Materials: The leather consists mainly of carefully sourced job lots, close-outs, scraps, and remnants from larger industries. I use a variety of paper including: handmade cotton rag paper, recycled sketch paper, and various art/watercolor papers.

I aim to be creative and resourceful in each step of our production process in order to ensure that my customers are not only getting a beautifully handmade book, but also an environmentally conscious product that they can feel good about investing in.

Why Journals? I have a life-long love for pen and paper and the alchemy that transpires when words are written from the heart by the hand. As an avid journal-keeper, I  have seen through experience the therapeutic and often miraculous effects that writing can have on one’s life and soul work.  My hope is that each journal I make will inspire someone to pull out a pen, pour a cup of tea, and spend a few minutes slowing down, reflecting, and savoring life.

About me: I studied Studio Art at a small university in the Midwest. Although I enjoyed almost every medium (clay, sculpture, glass-blowing, painting, print-making…) I never found my artist home until I made my first book. One summer while in college, I went to an impromptu workshop and was introduced to formal book-binding. It was love at first stitch! I have been making hand-crafted journals ever since.